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A Different Take on Fishing in Ontario

Recreational angling is largely commercialized and is constantly cycling onto the newest and best baits and tactics. At the Ontario Angler, we believe that some of this equipment and tactics can be adopted, while embracing the rich history of fishing.

2020: Catches of the Year

@natesabourin 2020 was a year to forget on a huge number of fronts. One positive that came from not being able to go anywhere, was a little dedicated time focused in your own backyard. This was absolutely the case for me. I am a self professed fishing purist, dreaming of a cast near the bleached…

Researching a lake for fishing

In Ontario, there are approximately 250,000 lakes. A majority percentage of these are located off the beaten path, in Northern Ontario. An area in particular that will always have my heart is the Magnetawan River, it’s tributaries and the remainder of the watershed. I frequent this area and have thoroughly enjoyed my time, but for…

Chasing the Aurora: Ontario’s Rarest Trout

Don’t call it a comeback, but maybe something close to that. The Aurora Trout has a story worthy of a Hollywood film, if they made movies about fish species. This species, named after the colours of the aurora borealis (northern lights), has a truly unique pattern. Before I get into the Hollywood story, it should…

Mystery Sab Spinner

A unique worm harness perfected by NHL/St. Louis Blues alumni Gary Sabourin. This product can be used in casting or trolling methods.

3.25 $

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