The Fish of 10,000 Casts: Muskellunge

The elusive muskellunge is the most sought after sportfish in Ontario. This prehistorical fish has been atop the food chain in Northern Ontario for centuries. Fishermen have been chasing this predator around the country for years and at Ontario Angler, we can give you tips and tactics to help catch the fish of 10,000 casts.

There is a common misconception about muskie fishing that there is only one part of the year to fish them. That is incorrect. With proper landscape and bait presentation the muskellunge is available to fish 365 days a year. In the Britt/Byng Inlet area, there is an ample supply of vegetation for Musky fishing. When fishing for the elusive muskellunge, regardless of the waterbody, target large weed beds with moving water adjacent to it. Musky fishing can be long and strenuous, casting for days without a follow, but the end result of catching this fish is all worth it.

Now onto baits. The most common and all-around bait to use for muskellunge would be the Bucktail. This bait has been around for years and has been proven successful. Another bait that is similar to this would be the Musky Mayhem Double Showgirl. This bait is available in a variety of colours and spinners, gaining attention from Muskellunge in dark waters through vibrations and flashers. The 12″ Meduzza in the walleye colour scheme is also another fan favourite. If you are not afraid to spend money on lures, the Flap Tail is a fantastic lure with vibrating action and retails around $29.99. Even though most Musky lures are rather expensive, this is minuscule compared to the feeling of finally catching this predatory fish.


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